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As a parent of two former LCO players, now playing NCAA lacrosse, I highly recommend the LCO program. Player development is achieved through top-notch coaching and regular training, preparing my sons to play at the next level. The coaches of LCO are lifelong lacrosse players and well-connected in the recruiting scene. The club is also very organized and well-run making things easy for parents. We were very happy with the LCO experience! It gave my kids the opportunity to become better, more competitive lacrosse players while creating lifelong memories playing a sport they love.

Father of two current NCAA Lacrosse Players

Playing for LCO was a fantastic experience for me. From 14 or so years old I had to the opportunity to play and compete with better and older competition on a regular basis. Testing myself and constantly playing against older competition was huge in my skill development and my later collegiate performance. 

Current Division I Lacrosse Player

We have been attending both the Summer Face Off and Orlando Open tournaments for years. Based on our experiences both in and out of state our staff and parents feel these events are the best organized we have ever attended. The communication and responsiveness of the directors to our needs is unmatched. 

South Florida Club Director

There is no other tournament group that offers us a chance to play teams we normally don’t see on the on the club circuit.  In addition, the communication is the best by far of any event we have ever attended. 

Georgia Club Director


Orlando Lacrosse will be launching Summer and Winter Camps in 2022

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Training for all levels of experience and. Access our network of lacrosse professionals.  Individual, small group, and full team training options are available.


We played the game and have coached the game. Our coaches are accomplished, experienced, and get the job done!


Look for our expansive team store and accessory stores to launch in 2022!

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