Training Programs

Orlando Lacrosse through the LCO offers opportunities for beginners to advance high school players

Individual programs

Through our network of LCO coaches we offer private lessons for all experience and skill levels.

  • Beginners – learn the basics and how to progress to the next level

  • Skills – learn proper technique for all aspects of the game

  • Advanced – drill impact skills sets and approaches to the game to separate yourself from the pack

Contact us to arrange lessons with an instructor in your area. Please send us an email and we will then connect you directly with one our trainers. Specify the age(s) and if an individual their position.

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Team & Group Training

The LCO will attend your club practice and work with both your players and coaches to advance your preparation as both an individual and as a team. You may also arrange for a small group or position-specific training for your club or group. Sessions are arranged specific to the needs of the team or group

Contact to learn more (will set pricing based on desires of team/group)

Contact to learn more