Recruiting / Player Development

College Recruiting/Elite Player Development

*LCO actively networks with national recruiting clubs
*The LCO seeks to work with all national recruiting club teams that operate in Florida.
*Train with LCO to prepare for your other club activity
*LCO Directors and coaches are able to connect to college coaches across the country at all levels.

Prepare with the LCO for your college recruiting events

Play with the LCO during the week with our regional and local clubs to sharpen your preparation for national club tryout, training camps, and out-of-state recruiting tournaments.

The biggest mistake players make leading up to recruiting events is that they don't stay sharp with live reps. When you practice with the LCO not only are your fundamentals sharpened you are able to maintain your in season form.

LCO Direct

LCO Direct
Regardless of whether you opt to play with a national recruiting club or not the LCO offers recruiting assistance either as a complete process or as a supplement to your other efforts. Contact us to learn more.