LCO Summer Manager

The LCO Summer Manager page is you one stop resource for keeping up to date for all your LCO Summer planning.
*Use this page as your primary resources for planning and updates
*Note that you will be setting up a League Apps account when you register for LCO. Please write down your user name and password when you create the account
*League Apps provides support information and tutorials for any registration and account questions you may have
*Note that we do not issue refunds once you have registered and paid. See the Reg Saver insurance link in the information below.

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adjustments based on enrollment numbers are now posted on this page
We are now including 14us with the earlier time blocks. We have moved the
schedule link to the top of the page. SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE IT
*Saturday May 21 Training Camp hours are now moved to afternoon due to Boone HS request – NOTE THIS IS LAST DAY OF EVALUATION AND WE WILL BE SCRIMMAGING HEAVILY IN LIVE GAME SITUATIONS. Note new times below:
*Master calendar is now updated and linked on the LCO Summer Manager page via the picture collage. (see below)
*PAYMENTS – please get in your payments this week if not on a payment plan. We will be sending out notices later this week
*UNIFORMS – contact to check on your uniform status if desired. If you ordered prior to the deadline the uniforms will be shipped out to your home the week prior to the June 4-5 Summer Face Off.

WEEK OF MAY 16 UPDATED SCHEDULE - Times adjusted for enrollment numbers
Updated May 18
*Note Saturday May 21 times moved to afternoon due to request from Boone HS

*West High School practice that was canceled due to lightening storm will be most likely be made up Thursday, May 26 pending final approval by West Orange HS.


WEEK 1 TRAINING - 1 training camp and 1 home site practice *14u is now with 12u/10/8 in terms of time blocks - Note times for all
Date Day Ages/Groups Training Activity Site Times/Notes
16-May Monday 8u Home Site Practice Maitland MS 8u only 600-730pm  701 N. Thistle Ln Maitland - questions:
17-May Tuesday West Home Site Practice West Orange HS 14/12/10/8 530-715 - HS 715-900 TO BE RESCHEDULED
18-May Wednesday South Home Site Practice Boone HS 14/12/10 600-730 - HS 700-900
19-May Thursday East Home Site Practice Lake Mary HS 14/12/10 530-700 - HS 630-830 switched to Front Practice Field
Saturday Training Camp - note new times
Date Day Ages/Groups Training Activity Site Times/Notes - Note New Saturday Times due to Boone HS changing our times
21-May Saturday ALL All LCO Training Camp Boone HS 12:30 - 2:30 14U on Turf Field
12:30 - 2:00 12U/10U/8U on Grass field
2:00-4:00 2025 on Grass Field
3:00 - 5:00 2024 & 2023 on Turf

Master Activity schedule: May 16-June 18 - updated May 16 1030am

Practice information Updated weekly once we start the formal program.

  • May Training Camps - we will conduct two Saturday training camps with the age groups staggered throughout the day.
  • LCO Pictures:  At the training camps we will be taking a head shot of each player to better allow us to profile players during and after the summer season.
  • Players attend: All players attend the training camps then will attend 1 to 2 practices per weekday evening at their regional site.
  • Practice length and times:  8u, 10u, 12u, 14u will practice a minimum 90 minutes with High School a minimum of 2 hours.
    *Typically, we seek to move forward with practices even though storms may be in the forecast.
    *If we were to cancel prior to practice, we will send out an email and text by 5pm the day of a practice to all registered players.
    *If we need to stop practice due to weather conditions during activity players will be either directed to their vehicles or designated overhang areas at their practice stie.
    *Parents may keep their child at home if they do not feel comfortable driving due to predicted conditions.
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  • You must be registered and paid in full prior to the first practice
  • Payment plans are available in the registration system
  • You must pay a deposit at registration to be included in our updates
  • REGISTRATION SAVER INSURANCE is recommended if you have any concerns about injuries or completing the program:
    CLICK HERE FOR REG SAVER LINK - you will be taken to an external web site.
  • Only players who have registered and paid in full will be placed on rosters once created.
  • No credits are allowed from previous LCO programs.
  • IMPORTANT: You must be a USA Lacrosse member to register for LCO and to be eligible to participate in most events held in the state. If you are not a member or need to renew your membership, go to the USA Lacrosse web site:
    Become a USA Lacrosse Member

*Note that we do not issue refunds once you have registered and paid. See the Reg Saver insurance link to cover yourself in event of injury or any other reason.

LCO Summer Program Quick Registrations FAQs:
Age groups

If you were Born AFTER the following dates per USA Lacrosse
9/1/13 - 8U    Register for grades K-2
9/1/11 - 10U  Register for grades 3-6
9/1/09 - 12U  Register for grades 3-6
9/1/07 - 14U  Register for grades 7-12
USA Lacrosse Age Chart - Click Here


14u/High School             $675 if paid by check        $705 if paid by credit card
*3 tournaments - June 4-5, June 11-12, June 18-19

12u, 10u             $525 if paid by check        $550 if paid by credit card
*2 tournaments - June 4-5, June 11-12

8u                    $210 regardless of payment method
*1 tournament - June 4-5

Registration Instructions if paying by CREDIT CARD:
*Follow the prompts
*Enter your sons 2022-2023 school year grade
*You will have an option of a payment plan or pay in full
*You will need a current USA Lacrosse membership to satisfy our insurance requirements.
Become a USA Lacrosse Member

Registration Instructions if paying by CHECK:
*Follow the prompts
*Enter your sons 2022-2023 school year grade
*SELECT PAY IN FULL OPTION and from there Select skip and pay later link at the bottom of that final payment page.
*Payment will be due by May 14.
*You will need a current USA Lacrosse membership to satisfy our insurance requirements.
Become a USA Lacrosse Member

Orlando Lacrosse
224 Shady Oaks Cir.
Lake Mary, FL 32746

League Apps Registration Support: Please use the support website for most of your registration questions:
Coaches, Parents & Players – LeagueApps




EVENTS WE ATTEND SUMMER 2022 - updated with all planning information as known


  • June 4-5 ORLANDO SUMMER FACE OFF: Largest summer tournament in the state
  • June 11-12 TAMPA SUMMER JAM:
    All details to be announced.
  • June 18-19 FATHERS DAY INVITATIONAL - Palm Coast
    All details to be announced
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ROSTERS PER EVENT - Posted the week prior to each event if not earlier




TAMPA JAM ROSTERS: Posted by June 6

FATHERS DAY ROSTERS: Posted by June 13

To contact both the LCO and Orlando Lacrosse please email: