Team Orlando
Uniting Orlando Lacrosse to represent our talent to the nation
A national boys travel club that practices locally and plays nationally
We wear ORLANDO on our chest
Tryouts September 15-high school, September 16-youth
September 15 High School - Lake Highland Prep School
Grade 9-Class of 2022 9am-1030am
Grade 10-Class of 2021 1045am-1215am
Grade 11-Class of 2020 1230pm-200pm
Grade 12 - Class of 2019 Invite Only LI Fall Classic
September 16 Youth - Lake Mary High School
Grades 3/4 9am-1015am
Grades 5/6 1030am-1145am
Grade 7-Class of 2024 1200pm-130pm
Grade 8 145pm-315pm
$25 Registration fee includes Team Orlando pinnie
Visit www.teamorlandolacrosse.com to see further information
The founders of Team Orlando feel strongly that we have enough talent in the Orlando region to represent Orlando with pride to the nation.  We wish to take advantage of the following assets:
*Ability to practice often with few barriers to travel in making practices
*Ability to develop team chemistry among teams and coaches who are already familiar with each other
*Highly experienced coaches with numerous coaching accomplishments who have been developing Orlando players for years.
*The sense and determination to take PRIDE in Orlando Lacrosse and to establish our region as one of the best in the nation.
Look for the launch of our web site and opening of tryout registration in the first week of August.
*Always Sunny Lacrosse and the Lacrosse Club Orlando are combining their successful regional summer programs to form an Orlando based travel club to play out of state on a national level.
*Team Orlando does not conflict with local club activity for Orlando based clubs
*All players from Central Florida are encouraged to tryout regardless of club affiliation.
*The following high schools as either members of Always Sunny or LCO or at large currently make up the Team Orlando region presently:
Lake Highland Prep, Hagerty, Winter Park, Lake Brantley, East River, Timber Creek, Oviedo, Lake Mary, Bishop Moore, Boone, Apopka, Lake Minneola
Again, all players from Central Florida are eligible to tryout for Team Orlando
Gary Robinson       nfo@orlandolacrosse.com  
Kyle Hofsteadter     coach@alwayssunnylacrosse.com